Play Mahjong Game Online

Mahjong is an Asian game where the goal is for players to match tiles using clever strategy. The game is typically played with four players, but this computerized version allows for single-player. The goal is to eliminate all tiles by matching them up.

For a game that immerses you in total relaxation while you play, try 24/7 Mahjong. This computerized version of an ancient and popular game will have you engaged and entertained like never before.

The game's visual appeal immediately stands out when you arrive on the landing page. Koi fish border the tiles in the center of the screen, their lithe tails stuck in a swishing motion as traditional Chinese music is played. Each time you match tiles, a pleasant chiming sound is heard. It's like the tinkling of bells gently playing on your ear. Players may find themselves resting on the game's page for a relaxing musical background while they do other things, but let's hope they can concentrate on the game despite this.

The rules are fairly straightforward once you get the hang of them. The most complicated part of Mahjong is the intimidation factor. The setup looks complicated, and players often feel a sense of unease when they stare at all 144 tiles. Don't worry. The game's rules are simpler than most card games. Players must eliminate tiles by matching them. Tiles that are available to match are the ones on the edges and top layer. The pile of tiles will slowly descend and get smaller as you match tiles, as matches are removed from play.

24/7 Mahjong lets you match tiles not only based on the tiles' numbers but also according to the flower or season pictured. A player's strategy works best when they match tiles that free up other tiles. Failing to use this strategy will make the game harder and possibly leave you with a stalemate. This particular Mahjong game features 26 different versions and variations, including the classic version. Players are also given the option to mute the sound, get helpful hints, and an “undo move” button.

This version of Mahjong is simply excellent. The graphics aren't too flashy, something that adds to the game's peaceful atmosphere. Tiles have some quite unique designs that you may get distracted by. Depending on what computer screen size you're using, the tiles may blend together a bit too much, making it difficult to distinguish matches. Eye problems aside, the game lends itself to hours of play in a soothing environment and warrants a standing ovation for its soundtrack.